Share the Road

There are laws regulating the actions of motorists and pedestrians in many states, including Pennsylvania. Understanding and enforcing driver-pedestrian rules is a key in successfully qualifying for a PA state driver’s license:

  • Responsible drivers slow down when passing pedestrians
  • When approaching pedestrians safety and courtesy are rules of the road
  • Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks
  • Pedestrians and automobiles always share the road

Pedestrians have shared responsibilities to insure a safe and pleasurable walk:

  • Always make sure incoming traffic is a safe distance away before crossing the street
  • Cross the street at intersections, in crosswalks, or from street corners
  • Always use the sidewalk or shoulder of the road
  • Always yield right of way to emergency vehicles
  • Obey school crossing guards and traffic lights
  • Only walk when the walk message is visible
  • Always make sure the driver sees you before entering the street